101 UMSU University Centre, R3T 2N2 umsu@umsu.ca 204-474-UMSU(8678) 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday
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    UMSU Service Centre

    (Formerly Answers Information Booth)

Your stop for information on campus! If you have a question about the University or UMSU, the UMSU Service Centre is where you can find information.

The UMSU Service Centre can provide information on university related matters such as registrations and exams, referrals and directions to office locations and information on transit routes. In addition to answering your questions, the UMSU Service Centre sells/provides:

  • -Bus Passes and Winnipeg Transit products
  • -U-Pass Information
  • -Transit Maps and Information
  • -Event/Social Tickets
  • -Poster Approvals for University Centre
  • -Lost & Found Service
  • -Student Group Rental Programs

*Check out our FAQs section at the bottom of this page for commonly asked questions!*

Avoid the rush and long line ups! The UMSU Service Centre sells bus passes early; you can load the next month’s pass onto your Peggo card starting on the 15th of every month, or get the next week’s paper pass the Wednesday before.

*University Students are eligible for the Post Secondary Student Pass which saves 20% off an Adult Monthly pass. Students must be registered in at least 1 course during September-December, January-April, and May-August to be entitled to the Post Secondary Pass. If you registered today, you can get your Post Secondary Peggo card tomorrow.

If you are currently registered in courses, you can buy Post-Secondary Peggo products from the UMSU Service Centre (Formerly Answers Information Booth) or reload your Post-Secondary Peggo card at any Peggo retailer.

Full-time students: if you have a U-Pass and are continuing as a Full-Time student in the Fall or Winter terms, your card will automatically reload; there is no need to do anything as long as you see the U-Pass fee on your Aurora account for each term. Please note  that the U-Pass is currently not available in the summer term.

Part-time and ICM students can purchase a Post-Secondary Peggo card and load Post-Secondary fare products at the UMSU Service Centre throughout the year.

You must have your student ID to purchase or use any student bus fare products.

For inquiries, please contact the UMSU Service Centre Manager, Leeandra Wren, at leeandra.wren@umsu.ca or 204 474 9346.

1st Floor University Centre (Fort Garry Campus)
Phone number: 474-8211

Regular Session (September to April)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 7:00pm

Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Summer Session (Starting week of April 29 to August)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

The UMSU Service Centre (Formerly Answers Information Booth) is CLOSED on weekends and statutory holidays (e.g. Labour Day)

Brodie Centre Atrium, 727 McDermot Avenue
Phone number: 789-3993

Regular Session (September – April)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm

*Please note that Answers Bannatyne is CLOSED from July 8-12, 2019.

Answers Bannatyne is CLOSED weekends and statutory holidays (e.g. Labour Day)

Common questions we receive at the Service Centre, answered here!


What are some important deadlines I should know about?

Where do I apply for admission?

Where can I talk to someone about my student loans/scholarships?

Where can I get my student loan processed?

Post office, 111 University Centre (in the Pharmacy).

Where can I get my Student Card?

Where do I go to see an academic advisor?

Where can I check my booklist?

Either through Aurora online system or at the bookstore directly.


  • Log onto Aurora
  • Click on Enrolment & Academic Records
  • Click on Student Records
  • Click on View Booklist

What are some important deadlines I should know about?

I need to defer a final exam. What do I do?

Under what circumstances can my final exams be re-scheduled/deferred?

Religious grounds, compassionate reasons, illness provided with valid doctor’s certification; students will have to talk to professor if it is a midterm; and to their faculty office if it is a final exam. Click here for more information.

What is the latest I must defer my exams?

Deferrals due to a known conflict, such as religious grounds or specific athletic events, must be filed 20 working days prior to the date. *Note that travel plans are not an acceptable reason for missing an exam

For compassionate or medical reasons, applications must be filed within 48 hours of the date of the missed exam. (Medical certificate or other documentation may be required).

Where can I get my T2202 Tax form?

Online Aurora account or the Registrar’s office, 400 University Centre


What time is the cashier’s office open until?

How can I pay my Tuition fees?

Tuition payments can be made with cash, cheque/bank draft/money orders, debit, and online/phone banking.

Please note that tuition payments cannot be paid with a credit card.

When is tuition due?

October 2, 2019 for Fall Term. February 4, 2020 for Winter Term.

Click here to see other important deadlines.


Where can I get food / is there a restaurant on campus?

UMSU Businesses that serve food:

Other places on campus:

  • Tim Hortons (UC 2nd floor, EITC Atrium level) / Tim Hortons Express (Fletcher Argue)
  • CAMPO Food Court and Subway (UC main floor)
  • The Fresh Food Company (Pembina Hall)
  • Greenhouse Café (Dafoe Tunnel)
  • The Hard Chalk Café (Education Building)
  • The Young Associates Café (Drake Centre)
  • The Starting Block (Active Living Centre)
  • Dayside Café (University College)
  • The Daily Bread Café (St. John’s College)
  • The Belltower Café (St. Paul’s College)

See the Dining Services page for more information.

Are there any coffee shops besides Tim Hortons?

  • IQ’s (UC 3rd floor)
  • Degrees Restaurant (UC 3rd floor)
  • Starbucks (UC Bookstore / Dafoe Library / Armes – Science Students’ Association Lounge)


Where do I pay for my parking ticket?

How do I get to the parking services/Welcome Centre?

It is located across the street from the Active Living Centre / IG Stadium

What do I do if I lost my parking ticket from the parkade?

Call security services (204-474-9312) or parking services (204-474-9483).


What is the Shuttle route and where are the stops?

There is a Fort Garry Campus Shuttle Bus from September through April

You can find the map on the UManitoba website under parking services.

How do I contact Fort Garry Shuttle services?

(204) 474 – 9483


Where can I find transit schedules?

On the desk of the UMSU Service Centre or ask the clerk working at the desk.

You can also find transit schedules on the Winnipeg Transit website.

Who do I call for lost items on the bus?

How does a Peggo card work?

It is a reloadable electronic transit card that can be purchased at any 7-Eleven or Shoppers Drug Mart (except for Post-Secondary cards) and is loaded with an e-pass or e-cash.

The peggo card is a reloadable electronic transit card that can be purchased at any Winnipeg Transit retailer like 7-Eleven or Shoppers Drug Mart (except for Post-Secondary cards) and is loaded with an e-pass or e-cash.

  • Prices vary depending on the group category (full fare, reduced, senior, and post-secondary)
  • Peggo cards that are loaded online can take up to 48 hours before it can be used; product loaded in person can be used immediately
  • All day passes are valid for consecutive days only – even if it is not being used after the first day

Click here for more information about the peggo card!

What are some things I should know about my Post-Secondary Card or U-Pass?

  • Your post secondary peggo card/U-Pass peggo card is assigned and linked to your student card. It must NOT be shared, traded, lent, or sold to anyone else. Keep it in a safe place!
  • Have your student card ready when boarding the bus. You risk having your peggo card confiscated if you cannot produce your student card.
  • If you are no longer a student, you are not eligible for post secondary transit rates and your card will be deactivated.
  • Keep all of your receipts and proof of purchase in case you encounter any issues with your peggo card.
  • Register your card online (see back of peggo card) to track your balances.

Click here for more information about the post secondary peggo card!

How much are transit fares?

Where else can I purchase post-secondary transit fares?

As long as you have your post-secondary peggo card, you can load your peggo at any transit retailer. For a listing of locations, click here.

What is the difference between a 28 day pass and a monthly pass?

  • A 28 day pass will be valid for 28 consecutive days from the first day of use and can be carried over into the next month
  • A monthly pass is valid from the beginning of the month until the end of the month – regardless of when it was purchased

What happens if I lose my peggo card?

Lost peggo cards are subject to a replacement fee. If you had a product on your peggo card, the balance may be transferred onto your new peggo card. Visit Winnipeg Transit’s website for more information.

Where can I get a replacement post secondary peggo card if I lose it?

Lost peggo cards are subject to a replacement fee. If you are a UofM student, you can get a replacement post secondary peggo card here at the Service Centre.


What is the U-Pass?

U-Pass is a 4-month, semester bus pass for all full-time students (3 classes or more or 9 hours). click here for more information.

When does the U-Pass end?

  • Fall Term – September 1st – December 31st
  • Winter Term – January 1st – April 30th
  • U-Pass is not available for the Spring/Summer Term

Is the U-Pass free?

The U-Pass fee is included in your tuition each term for $136.25 in 2019-20.

How do I get a U-Pass?

Students who are eligible (full-time, 3 or more classes, and members of UMSU or the UMGSA i.e. paying student organization fees) can pick them up at the UMSU Service Centre with their student ID. You will receive a U-Pass sticker on your student card if you do not have one for the current year.

Can I opt in to the U-Pass?

Exchange students, Co-op students, and those registered in a reduced course load with Student Accessibility Services, as well as students taking at least 9 credit hours by distance/online or with a letter of permission from the U of M, are eligible to opt in to the U-Pass. Part-Time, ICM, Extended Education, and students in English language programs are not eligible to opt in. More info is available at umsu.ca

Can I opt out of the U-Pass?

Only if you meet one of the valid criteria, and complete and submit an opt-out application by the deadline. U-Pass opt-out applications must be approved by the U-Pass Committee. Only students who have been assessed the U-Pass fee and meet the opt-out criteria may apply to opt-out online at umsu.ca

  • Main criteria are:
    • Commute from outside the City of Winnipeg boundaries
    • Registered with CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) or Handi-Transit
    • A student conducting research outside the City of Winnipeg boundaries for 60+ days in a term
    • Anyone opting out must provide supporting documents as proof (each criteria is different)

What happens if I lose my U-Pass?

  • Contact 311 and UMSU Service Centre to check the lost and found
  • A replacement U-pass is subject to a fee. Please visit the Service Centre for more information.


Where can I find…

How do I get a locker?

  • Depends where you want to have the locker; speak to the student association in the building where you want a locker.

How do I opt out of the health/Dental?

Do I have to take the university insurance if I have my own already?

  • You have the option to opt out before the deadline

I am travelling outside of Canada, how do I activate my travel insurance?

You will have to go to UMSU Health and Dental office located on the first floor of UMSU University Centre, to inform them of your travel dates, etc.

Why do I need Pharmacare?

Pharmacare is used to extend your coverage for prescription drugs. The application is found on-line at studentcare.ca, follow the instructions found on that document, upon receiving a letter from Pharmacare, you will need to bring it to the UMSU Health and Dental office located on the first floor of UMSU University Centre.

Find the pharmacare application on studentcare.ca.

How do I start a student club?

Applications forms are found online at umsu.ca. Refer to Student Club manual for required guidelines.

I locked myself out of my car. Who do I call for help?

  • Security Services, (204) 474-9312

Who do I talk to about my computer account?

  • Information Services and Technology, 123 Fletcher Argue, or check their website

Where do I go to get an International Student Card (ISIC card)?

  • UMSU Service Centre, 110 UC or online at isic.org

Who do I talk to about having a table set up in University Centre?

  • UMSU Service Centre, 110 University Centre
  • Conference & Catering Services, 230 University Centre, (204) 474-8336

Where can I get a passport photo taken?

Where can I find job postings or apply for jobs?

  • It depends where you are applying. For UMSU, check online at umsu.ca
  • UMSU businesses – keep an eye out for posters that say they are hiring.
  • U of M – uofmcareerservices.ca

Where can I get help with homework?

Academic Learning Centre, 201 Tier building

The UMSU Service Centre provides a lost and found service. Every attempt will be made to contact the rightful owner, provided that information is on the item. Please note that items not claimed are disposed of at the end of each month, and more valuable items are sent to Security Services.

Lose an item on campus? Fill out a form here