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Student Organizations

UMSU Student Organizations (also known as Students’ Associations) are student-organized groups which advocate for, represent, and provide services to students enrolled in a particular faculty, college, or residence.

According to The University of Manitoba Students’ Union Act, it is UMSU’s responsibility to maintain and promote responsible student government in the student organizations. UMSU achieves this by setting minimum standards for student organization constitutions and finances, collecting fee levies to fund the student organizations, managing secure electronic election software for student organization elections, and using a governance model centered around the student organizations.

Student Organizations are run by their own membership according to their own constitutions. If you are enrolled in the faculty, college or residence represented by the student organization, you are automatically a member and have a right to participate in the elections for theĀ group.

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Email general inquiries to studentgroups@umsu.ca.

Directory of Student Organizations