Intentional Party Politics Delays Vote on Nonpartisan Bill Amending ‘The UMSU Act’

April 4, 2018 - 2 minutes read

April 4, 2018

Winnipeg, MB – The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) is disappointed to see the Private Members’ Bill amending The UMSU Act delayed due to intentional lengthy debate by the Official Opposition at the Manitoba Legislature on April 3, 2018. As a nonpartisan bill amending a Private Act, UMSU is calling upon the provincial government, opposition, and all MLAs to work together and find a solution to schedule the bill for further debate and a vote.

“It was disappointing. Our hard work may be put to waste as a result of party politics,” said Tanjit Nagra, UMSU President. “We have been working with our MLA Sarah Guillemard for over a year, and we thank her for her willingness to work with us. If our elected officials truly care about students and the time we’ve committed to this initiative, they will allow this bill to return to debate without running out the clock.”

The scheduled debate time elapsed mid-discussion as James Allum, MLA for Fort-Garry Riverview, offered comments. Debate over the bill focused primarily on curiosity regarding the purpose of its introduction and the wording of the proposed amendments, preventing the bill from being voted upon. UMSU hopes to see a rescheduled vote in favour of moving the bill forward to the committee stage, where UMSU representatives would be happy to shed light on these questions and discuss the amendments.

The UMSU Act, a piece of Provincial Legislation, is the highest governing document of the Students’ Union. The Private Members’ Bill put forward proposes to amend The UMSU Act by:

  • Adding provisions requiring referenda of the membership to increase UMSU fees;
  • Mandating referenda of the membership to join external organizations;
  • Mandating regular votes to maintain membership in external organizations; and
  • Updating language to be gender neutral.


The University of Manitoba Students’ Union is the official representative of the over 25,000 undergraduate students at the University of Manitoba.

For media information, please contact:

Tanjit Nagra
University of Manitoba Students’ Union

Phone: 204-474-6519