Looking to Get Involved?

May 29, 2019 - 3 minutes read

UMSU has a number of opportunities for you to get involved this year! We have several spots open on each of our committees, as well as a few individual positions open for applications.


Finance (Up to 3 members at large):

  • Looks after the finances of the union
  • Ensures proper oversight of hardship funding, capital projects and all expenditures
  • Proposes and has the power to revise the annual budget.

Governance (Up to 3 members at large):

  • Looks after the governing documents of the union
  • Proposes and reviews any changes to the bylaws, governance and operations manual, position statement book, or elections and referendums manual

Member Services (Up to 3 members at large):

  • Looks after all services of the union
  • Reviews any and all agreements pertaining to, and the performance of, all UMSU services including peer tutoring, UPass and the health and dental plan.
  • Allocates funding towards student groups and student travel grants

Judicial Board (5 members at large):

  • Oversees conduct of UMSU executives and reports to the board
  • Holds hearings on, and rules on, any appeals during the election period

Participatory Budgeting Working Group (4 members at large):

  • Allocates funding from previous year’s budget in accordance with the referendum result
  • Promotion and intake of student submissions for this year’s participatory budget
  • Operating the referendum based on student submissions and feedback for how $25,000 of student money should be allocated


Chief Returning Officer (part-time salaried position):

  • Operate the elections of UMSU including executive and community representative positions
  • Assist all student associations of UMSU with their electoral needs and logistics questions

Chairperson (voluntary with honorarium):

  • Be a neutral chair at each meeting of UMSU’s board of directors (approximately 20 meetings)
  • Ensure Robert’s Rules of Order is followed
  • Assist any member with submitting motions or questions related to the bylaws or proper conduct in meetings

Director of Bannatyne Operations:

  • Ensure UMSU’s services and representation extend to the Bannatyne campus
  • Report any concerns or issues related to Bannatyne services to the VP Student Life

For any questions on any position please email pres@umsu.ca or check out our Governance and Operations Manual.

To apply, please email selections@umsu.ca with a resume and cover letter by June 19th, 2019!