Manitoba Elections 2019: UMSU Lobbying for Postsecondary Student Priorities

August 21, 2019 - 1 minute read

As the largest student union in the province, we see UMSU as both existing to serve our members through the provision of services, while also using our influence to enhance the quality of student life and postsecondary education for all students within Manitoba 

With provincial polls called for September 10, we have advocated to Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives, NDP, Liberals and Green Party to strongly consider the recommendations put forth below. By doing so, they will show that their party is committed to ensuring that postsecondary education in the province remains affordable and accessible for all those wishing to pursue their studies here, regardless of age, race, citizenship, gender, religion, physical ability, and socioeconomic status. 

Leading up to election day, we will be releasing a series of articles on our website detailing each of these policy recommendations in-depth, as well as updating students on which policies each party has expressed their support for.

Check back often!