UMSU mandated to take “all required steps to terminate the membership” in the Canadian Federation of Students following decisive vote by Board of Directors

November 30, 2018 - 1 minute read

On November 29th, UMSU’s Board of Directors voted on affirmation of membership with its two external lobbying organizations. Membership with the Undergraduates of Canadian Research Universities (UCRU) was unanimously affirmed, while membership with the CFS was not affirmed by a vote of 35-2 with one abstention.

These affirmation votes were mandated due to changes in the provincial UMSU act that took place last spring. The failed affirmation vote regarding CFS now mandates the UMSU Board of Directors and its executives to take “all required steps to terminate the membership.”

Per CFS’ bylaws, this process includes the gathering of signatures from 15% of UMSU members demanding a referendum on continued membership, followed by a referendum of the students if the signatures are gathered and certified by the CFS.

This process will allow us to educate students as to why UMSU’s Board feels we are not receiving adequate advocacy and services from the CFS, an organization to which our members pay a combined $341,000. This will also allow us to educate our members as to other Federal advocacy organizations UMSU could join. We are confident our students will choose what they think is the best use of their fees.


The UMSU Executive Team