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The University of Manitoba Students’ Union hosts several advocacy campaigns and awareness events throughout the year. These campaigns are developed based on current issues, needs and circumstances that students at the U of M face. Currently, UMSU hosts campaign weeks around Mental Health & Wellness, Healthy Sexuality & Consent, Sustainability, & Equity and Accessibility. UMSU also partners with our Community Groups, Campus clubs, Student Associations, and students to host  awareness campaigns and events around themes such as Reconciliation, Women’s rights & achievement, LGBTTQ* issues, affordable education & textbook prices, and more! Check out the tabs below to learn more about some of our campaign initiatives!

Speak Up UofM

CONTEST ALERT!!! Like, Tag your bff(s), and Share this post with the hashtags #SpeakUpUofM and #MyUMSU for a chance to win a self-care prize package (including some $$$ for Degrees, IQ’s, and the Hub!)We want to hear why YOU think it’s important to speak up about mental health! 1 in 5 individuals will struggle with a mental illness in their lifetime, and ¾ of those will not receive the help that they need, largely because of stigma. We want to make sure that nobody has to struggle alone, which is why we’re coming together as a community to remind everyone to #SpeakUpUofM! Check back with us this week to hear from more student leaders about why talking about mental health is important to them, as well as to learn more about mental health and how you can support your peers!Contest ends Feb 2nd, 2018 11:59pmVideo by: Jastin Ivan Manalo

Posted by University of Manitoba Students' Union - UMSU on Monday, January 29, 2018

Accessible Education Working Group

The Accessible Education Working Group is open to all undergraduate students, providing an open forum to discuss issues related to education in our province and on our campus. The working group is chaired by the UMSU President and meets regularly to discuss subjects such as:

Bill 31;
International Student Issues;
Safety on Campuses;
Mental Health; and

Email pres@umsu.ca to be added to the working group’s mailing list!

University Policies Working Group

The University Policies Working Group is open to all undergraduate students, and meets regularly to discuss University policies & procedures, and other University governance issues. Chaired by the UMSU Vice President Advocacy and with representation from all Faculties at the U of M, the working group looks at policies affecting students and discusses whether or not they are functioning as best as possible for students. They will also provide direct UMSU Council and the UMSU Executive on what changes and revisions to pursue, and how to best advocate for fair policies and procedures for students. Policies that will be considered include but are not limited to: 

Authorized Withdrawal Policy & Procedure;
Grade Point Averages Policy;
Repeated Course Policy;
Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy (RWLE);
Sexual Assault Policy;
RWLE & Sexual Assault Procedure;
Voluntary Withdrawal Policy;

Sign up here to be added to the Working Group’s mailing list: https://goo.gl/forms/QG4zl7ydsbVVlMLu2

TextBroke MB

With the already high price of tuition, spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks for classes can put post-secondary education out of reach for many students. UMSU, along with other post-secondary institutions across Manitoba runs the campaign #TextBrokeMB to raise awareness on sky-rocketing prices of textbooks, as well as share tips on how to find books for cheaper!

To learn more, check out TextBrokeMB on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/textbrokemb/

UMSU’s Healthy Sexuality Campaign encompasses a variety of issues, ranging from sexual health education & information, consent and healthy relationships, and sexual assault & violence prevention. UMSU hosts a Healthy Sexuality Week in each semester during the first month back to school, the period of time where sexual violence is most common on campus.

Throughout Healthy Sexuality Week, UMSU hosts educational workshops, interactive campaigns, events, and other initiatives that aim to spark conversation around sexuality, often in partnership with groups on campus such as Health and Wellness, Peers, Justice for Women and more, as well as with off-campus organizations such as Klinic and SERC.

UMSU is committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental health, and promoting regular self-care and open dialogue. UMSU hosts a Mental Health and Wellness week in each semester, coinciding with World Mental Health Day in the Fall Semester, and Bell Let’s Talk Day in the Winter Semester. 1 in 5 individuals will struggle with their mental health in any given year, but mental health is something that all of us deal with, and we believe that promoting mental well-being is important for students to be successful!

These campaign weeks aims to educate students about mental health, stigma, and other aspects of wellness. UMSU hosts interactive campaigns, workshops, and self-care activities such as Paint Therapy and Pet Therapy. UMSU partners on these weeks with several University offices and student groups, such as Health and Wellness, the Student Counselling Centre, Active Minds, Jack.org, Peers, and more! We want to ensure that students take care of their health on a regular basis – physical, mental and spiritual.

UMSU promotes sustainability in all aspects of our organization. Degrees Restaurant is one of 5 Level 3 LEAF certified restaurants across Canada, and all of our businesses offer discounts for sustainable practices, such as reusable mugs and glasses. UMSU frequently partners with the Office of Sustainability to host campaigns and initiatives, and our UMCYCLE bike kiosk holds frequent workshops and events to promote sustainable transportation.

UMSU also hosts a Sustainability Week in the Winter semester each year, and frequently host farmer’s markets and local vendors on campus.


The Undergraduates of Canadian Research-Intensive Universities (UCRU) (formerly known as ADVOCAN) is a formal collective of undergraduate student unions from some of Canada’s largest research-intensive universities.

Each year, the UCRU delegation meets with Members of Parliament and policy makers at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to discuss the advocacy priorities of the more than 235,000 post-secondary students we collectively represent.

Topics of discussion for the 2017 delegation to Ottawa include how to improve policies impacting Indigenous students, the Canada Student Loans Program, undergraduate research funding, and International Students’ paths to Permanent Resident Status.

Our Mission

To advocate to the Federal Government of Canada for an affordable, inclusive, and high-calibre undergraduate university education with opportunities for research through a coalition of student associations from U15 universities.

Our Members

We are a coalition of eight student associations from Canadian research-intensive universities:

Federation of Students (Feds) – University of Waterloo

Western University’s Student Council (USC) – Western University

McMaster Student Union (MSU) – McMaster University

The Alma Mater Society (AMS) – Queen’s University

University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) – University of Toronto

The Alma Mater Society of UBC Vancouver (AMS-UBC) – University of British Columbia

University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) – University of Saskatchewan

University of Manitoba Students Union (UMSU) – University of Manitoba


For more information about UCRU or our upcoming advocacy week in Ottawa, please contact pres@feds.ca

To learn more or to get involved, contact the UMSU Vice President Advocacy at vpa@umsu.ca!