The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) gives students enrolled at the University of Manitoba unlimited access to local transit during each term that they are registered for classes. It is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and safe way to navigate Winnipeg. 

Why is it Universal?

In order for the cost to be so low, it needs to be a universal program.

This works as an incentive for people to switch to being transit users given the decreased cost of transit and the increased cost of not using transit, making a positive impact in terms of transportation sustainability.

If there was an opt-out for every student who did not or could not realistically bus to university, there simply would no longer be any incentive for the City to subsidize the program, and there would be no subsidy beyond the post-secondary rate for students who do bus ($89.30 per month, which equals $357.20 per semester).

In other words: There is no U-Pass without universality; it has to be a universal pass, or we discontinue the U-Pass.

Opt-Out Period

If you qualify under one of the approved opt-out criteria , you can opt-out during the opt-out period and recieve a credit to your student account for the amount of the U-Pass. 

The opt-out period for the Fall 2024 term will begin at the end of August. The opt-out period for the Winter 2025 term will begin at the end of December. 

Please note: All approved opt-outs will not have their fee removed until AFTER the course revision deadline in each term. This means that is you opted out in the Fall term and were approved for the entire year, your Winter term U-Pass fee will not be removed until after the Winter term course revision period.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs page to help better understand the U-Pass program. 

The U-Pass is a Universal Transit Pass which provides unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit transportation services in exchange for a mandatory fee. It is a program offered by the City of Winnipeg, facilitated by UMSU – as well as the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association for students at the UofW – in which all full-time students within the Winnipeg Transit service area pay a subsidized bus pass fee and have unlimited access to transit from September to April the following year. It has been in existence since being approved in 2016 referendum, and the first contract expired at the end of the 2019/2020 academic year. After a referendum, UMSU’s Board of Directors officially voted to save the U-Pass program, and will continue to operate.

To read about the 2020 referendum click here, and to see the poll results click here.

*Note: The Fall Term U-Pass is valid September 1 – December 31. The Winter Term U-Pass is valid January 1 – April 30. Currently, there is no Spring/Summer U-Pass.

The U-Pass is Term-based, there is a Fall U-Pass and a Winter U-Pass, at the current rate of $215.60 per term. This is applied directly to the accounts of undergraduate students enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours in a term, and is payable along with tuition. To see whether you are eligible for the U-Pass, check your Aurora account summary by term and look at the detailed cost breakdown for the Term to see the U-Pass fee; if it is there, you can pick up your U-Pass.

Click here for more information on the U-Pass Program. 

Only full-time students – students enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours in a Term* – who are members of UMSU or the Graduate Students’ Association are eligible for the U-Pass**.

*If all your classes are Distance Education courses you will not be assessed the U-Pass fee.

**Please note that the criteria for full-time status for graduate students differs from undergraduate students.

  • Visit the GSA website here for more information.   

*ICM, Extended Education, Part Time Students, and some other programs are not eligible for the U-Pass. Please check your Account Summary by Term on Aurora to confirm if you have been charged the U-Pass fee.

Click here for more information on Eligibility.

You may be eligible to opt in to get a U-Pass in the following circumstances:

  • Co-op student for the Term (assessed Co-op fees)
  • Exchange visiting student registered in at least 9 credit hours this Term
  • Extended Education student taking General Studies and registered in at least 9 credit hours this Term *this is the ONLY EE program eligible for the U-Pass*
  • Letter of Permission student registered in at least 9 credit hours this Term
  • Practicum student registered in at least 9 credit hours this Term
  • Registered with Student Accessibility Services in a reduced course load, with at least 6 credit hours this Term

Please visit our opt-in page here to see if you are eligible and what documentation you will need.

Contact Us

For questions about the U-Pass program please feel free to contact us at:



When sending us an email please make sure to include your name and student number. If you are inquiring about any issues with your Peggo card please be sure to include the 10-digit number on the back of your Peggo card.