2017 UMSU Election

Welcome to your source for all things related to the UMSU General Election.



2017 Supplementary Rules

Changes in Voting

In 2017 UMSU will be implementing electronic voting for all members and all elections. This means that once voting has started, members can log in to vote 24 hours a day until the close of the election. Members will be able to vote at voting kiosks set up by UMSU, on their mobile devices, or from any device that can connect to the Internet.


What Do I Need?

In order to vote you will need your UMNetID and your U of M password associated with the account. When you're ready to vote, head over to umsu.simplyvoting.com and enter your credentials to access the ballot.  


Want More Information?

Head over to our Online Voting Information page for the basics and some frequently asked questions.