Jaron Rykiss

The President is responsible for the overall operation of the Union and serves as the official spokesperson. The President is also in charge of communicating and advocating for students' interests to the University Administration and external bodies. The President also serves on multiple University boards and committees, such as the University Senate and Board of Governors, in order to ensure that students' voices are heard when decisions are being made.

Victoria Romero
Vice President Advocacy

The Vice President Advocacy (VPA) strives to promote a safe and equitable university experience for all students. The VPA has a dual role with University governance and sits on both the Board of Governors and the University Senate. The VPA also oversees and implements UMSU campaigns and assists with individual student advocacy cases.

Elishia Ratel
Vice President Community Engagement

The Vice President Community Engagement (VPCE) works directly with the UMSU Marketing Department to coordinate all UMSU communications, and oversee the production and promotion of social, academic and professional programming events. The VPCE is also responsible for the production of all UMSU external marketing materials as well as coordinating external sponsorships. The VPCE also acts as a liaison between UMSU and its partners in the philanthropic sector and the wider community.

Brook Rivard
Vice President Finance & Operations

The Vice President Finance and Operations (VPFO) oversees the finances of the Union. Working alongside the General Manager and Accounting Manager, the VPFO prepares the annual budget for Council to approve, and oversees the operations of all UMSU Businesses. Serving as the chair of the Finance Committee, the VPFO is responsible for keeping UMSU Council up to date on the financial activity of the Union, as well as appeals for the U-Pass and the UMSU Health & Dental Plan.

Tracy Karuhogo
Vice President Student Life

The Vice President Student Life (VPSL) works to maintain a strong relationship and to oversee interactions between UMSU and the UMSU recognized Student Clubs and Student Associations. As well, the VPSL directs and implements UMSU awareness campaigns and oversees hardship funding and food bank operations. Serving as the chair of the Member Services Committee, the VPSL is also responsible for the oversight of all services provided by UMSU to the membership.