Healthy Sexuality & Consent Culture

UMSU is committed to making our community and our campus safe for all. A major component of that safety is centred around consent. We are determined advocates of educating students, faculty and staff on the vital need for and understanding of consent, what it means and why it matters.

What Is Consent?

Consent is a freely given, ongoing, enthusiastic, sober, yes. You can say no through words, actions, and behaviours, and coerced activity is NOT consent. You have the right to say no any time, for any reason, and you do NOT need to provide an explanation. Remember, if there is an absence of consent, it is assault.

Did You Know That…

UMSU council has mandated consent culture/bystander intervention workshops for Student Associations and Councils in order to promote leadership in campus consent culture movement and the promotion of safer events?

Additional Resources

  • Sexual Violence Resource Centre: 537 UMSU University Centre (204-474-6562)
  • Fort Garry Campus: 474 UMSU University Centre (204-474-8592)
  • Bannatyne Campus: S207 Basic Medical Services Building (204-789-3857)
  • Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (204-786-8631)
  • Health and Wellness Educator: 469 UMSU University Centre (204-295-9032)
  • UMSU Vice President Advocacy: 101 UMSU University Centre (204-474-6524)
  • Student Support Case Manager: 520 UMSU University Centre (204-474-8196)