Club Recognition is a process with three distinct steps. If you are just starting a club, please read all the points below:
  • A club constitution check that is up-to-date in the latest format. You can find the most recent version here.
    • Closed clubs may restrict membership, or classes of membership on the basis of gender identity. Due to this restrictive nature of the club, this club will have some restrictions placed on it, which can include a limited access to funding. The only clubs that can be closed are sororities and fraternities. They use a separate template which can be found here.
  • The submission of a club registry check must be submitted along with a club constitution. The submission for both can be done here. If you are just submitting a constitution (either after a previous denial or amendment) and have already submitted your clubs information, you can submit it here
  • Finally, all executives must complete a Sexual Violence Prevention workshop hosted by Bring in the Bystander or Justice for Women. All executives must attend under the same host but they do not need to attend the same session. UMSU does not deal with the scheduling or hosting of these session, so please reach out to or with any questions, concerns or inquiries.