In each fiscal year of UMSU, there shall be a general election occurring in the month of March. This general election shall determine Appointees to Executive and Community Representatives in the following terms associated with those positions. The determination of an Appointee to a generally elected position shall be achieved by a secret ballot of UMSU Members. 

During a generally elected position’s term, if there is no Appointee to the position, a general election may be held to determine the Appointee to that position for the remaining of the position’s term.

​If you are interested in participating in the 2022 General Election, more information regarding the upcoming election including the nomination package and other requirements can be found here.


The answer to a specific question may be sought by UMSU by way of referendum enacted by a secret ballot cast of UMSU members. A referendum may only be held regarding matters which are not under the purview of UMSU’s governing bodies. 

A referendum may be called by a Majority vote of the UMSU Board of Directors in the form of a motion by the Executive Committee or by petition signed by 1,000 Members and following procedures set out in the Election and Referendum Manual.