What are Student Clubs?

Student Clubs are intended to provide opportunities for individuals with common interests to participate in a variety of activities. Clubs are formed, organized, and governed by volunteer University of Manitoba students under the requirements established by certain policy holders.

UMSU recognizes that student clubs play an important role in the student experience at the University of Manitoba.

For this reason, UMSU offers supports to recognized student groups including office spaces, equipment rentals, meeting space, funding, and more.

Please scroll down to check out the whole page for a variety of clubs and our services. Or click here to consult our Student Clubs Manual!

The Official Record of UMSU Student Clubs
Last Updated: June 2022
Inactive clubs:
  • 2020 – 2021 = club page has been privated and subject to deletion in the near future if they do not fill out a club recognition form here.
  • 2021 – 2022 = club status is now inactive, the club must fill out the club renewal form sent to their club email inbox.
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Inactive = Not recognized by UMSU and requires re-applying for recognition again.

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.devClub (Dev Club)

devClub’s goal is to provide students of the University of Manitoba an opportunity to gain some coding experience with various engines, software, and consoles. This group will also be opened…...

Active Minds

Active Minds is a student led, student run, mental health awareness and advocacy group that is established for the expressed purposes of, and exists on campus to: 1) Raise awareness…...

Adventist Club U of M

We are a group of students whose common goal is to spread the gospel on Campus and help draw students to Jesus. We do this in a fun and engaging…...

AIESEC Manitoba

AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions…...

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority (ADPi)

Alpha Delta Pi is a sisterhood of amazing women supporting one another in our collegiate experience. We work together to improve ourselves, our community and our futures. We our the…...

Alpha Gamma Delta (Beta Gamma)

Beta Gamma is Manitoba’s Alpha Gamma Delta Chapter, and was founded in 1930. We are a group of students who form meaningful relationships to support each other during our time…...

Alpha Phi

The Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi was founded October 5th, 1928 at the University of Manitoba. Alpha Phi is an organization dedicated to promoting sisterhood, cultivating leadership, encouraging intellectual…...

Asper Network of Empowered Women (ANEW)

The Asper Network of Empowered Women, also known as ANEW is a University of Manitoba student group whose mission is to prepare women for the challenges they may face in…...

Association of International Students (AIMS)

AIMS is the student group connecting International exchange students with the students at Asper School of Business. Our mission is to help the international exchange students feel welcome and help…...

Believers LoveWorld Incorporated (BLW)

The objectives of the BLW Campus Ministry is to spread the message of Christ in the university and beyond. We aim to bring God to students in his simplicity and…...

Blockchain Club (BCC)

Club Information: Status: ACTIVE Last Recognized: Winter, 2023 Club Category: Networking...

Campus Conservatives

The UM Campus Conservatives is a community of politically engaged students who aim to promote the enduring Canadian principles of liberty, equality, and personal agency. We offer social and professional…...

CHESED Korean Christian Group (C-KCG)

The purpose of this group is to provide opportunities for students to learn about God, and to guide them through their journey in faith. The group will particularly support Korean…...

Christians on Campus

Christians on Campus is a student group that has been on the U of M campus for nineteen years. We are Christians who love the Lord Jesus and “desire that…...

Deeper Life Campus Fellowship (DLCF)

To help students realize their academic, research and future goals; thereby contributing to the wholesome breeding of future responsible and goal-oriented leaders following Biblical precepts. Contact Email dlcfuofm@gmail.com...

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