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Volunteer Program

Events and services are the first touch-point UMSU has with the study body, and that programming is not possible without a team of dedicated volunteers. UMSU’s Volunteer Program is a great way to make an impact in the campus community, meet new people, and supplement your education with transferable experience and skills.

The UMSU Volunteer Program provides a variety of opportunities to get involved, including the Frosh Music Festival, Holiday Hampers, UMCycle, and more!


2019 Volunteer Registrations Now Open!


Volunteers, click the button below for application forms, and more information on volunteering. Applications are accepted throughout the school year.

For UMSU, the ideal volunteer possesses these qualities:

· Passion – a positive attitude is contagious; if you are having a good time, so will your fellow volunteers and our guests.

· Teamwork – respectful of others and their views, ability to collaborate on projects and problem solving. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

· Reliability – if you sign up for a shift please be there on time. If you are going to be late, or are unable to make your shift, please let UMSU’s Volunteer Coordinator know in a timely matter.

UMSU values its members’ participation, and volunteers are rewarded for their community-building efforts.

· The opportunity to enhance the experiences of 25,000 undergraduate students

· A chance to be part of a volunteer community and make new friends

· A Crew T-Shirt

· Co-Curricular Record on Transcript

· Letter of Reference

· Gift Certificates

· Appreciation Party

· More!

Contact us at volunteer@umsu.ca or (204) 474-6742!