University of Manitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare (UM-ULH)

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University of Manitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare (UM-ULH) is a student club that brings together undergraduates interested in healthcare and the Canadian health system. UM-ULH believes that in addition to academic undergraduate studies, the education of the student can be extended to hands-on learning, meaningful discussion and debate, and co-operating with peers on topics within Canadian health and the issues involved in our system. UM-ULH hopes to facilitate student learning about their fields of interest, and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary networking with professionals within the healthcare field.

Club activities include biweekly meetings and monthly events catering to both educational and social needs of students, including hosting seminars and speakers, planning fundraiser socials and bake sales, interactive information sessions, attending national healthcare conferences, as well as hosting the annual Manitoba Undergraduate Healthcare Symposium.

President - Marissa Antoniuk

VP Finances - Andrew Samuel

VP Administration - Heather Rossong

VP Communications - Domenica De Luca

VP Events - Vanessa Whiteside

VP External - Nebojsa Oravec