The Annual UMSU Holiday Hamper Program has been in existence for 15+ years and it provides assistance to students and their families over the holiday season. Every year we provide hampers filled with food and toys for our members. In order to keep the program alive, we rely on the fundraising efforts of our student associations, and our corporate and community partners.

This year due to COVID-19, we will doing things a little differently. We still wanted to help those in need, but also want to maintain safety measures. For 2021, we will be e-mailing students in need a gift card to a grocery store so they can purchase what they need as a Holiday Hamper. Last year, we were able to help over 200 students in need.

If you would like to donate to our program this year, please click on the form below. You must fill out a form to donate online by credit card, or for in-person by cash, credit, debit or cheque.


Holiday Hamper Fundraisers

There are multiple ways you can raise money for holiday hampers this year!

Poverty Pledge Drive (For Student Associations ONLY)

Head to this link to register:

This year, UMSU is launching a brand-new experience-based pledge drive fundraiser for Students’ Associations! Representatives from your Students’ Association can register to participate in this experience where you will be given a life scenario and budget, taking into account the cost of living and working as a student. With this budget, you will have to plan out how you will purchase food and necessities for the week. In addition, each student will be given a Wild Card which presents you with an unexpected situation that will either add or subtract money from your total budget.

To raise funds for the Holiday Hampers Program, this experience has been designed as a Pledge Drive. Students will garner support from their community for participating in this experiential fundraiser. Donations can be made in-person with cash to your Students’ Association or online through our Holiday Hampers Online Donation Form.

Registration is from November 5-15, with the experience fundraiser challenge launching from November 22-26.


As much as we try to understand the experiences of students going through poverty, we will never fully understand what it is like to live like this every day. Our goal is to bring awareness to students and help build empathy and compassion for our peers that may be struggling in these situations. We are aware that this is not the situation for everyone. The budget information is based off of resources and information found through live averages and statistics of the cost of living in Winnipeg. While not entirely realistic, we did our best to challenge students to think about the costs and responsibilities that come with being a university student, working, living on your own, paying bills, and thinking outside of your own experience.

Student Club Trivia (For Student Clubs ONLY)

Calling all Student Clubs!

Come join your UMSU President Brendan Scott for The Price is Right Holiday Hamper Fundraiser for Student Clubs. (To help Students in need).

Event: UMSU Trivia: Price Is Right (Holiday Hamper Fundraiser) for Student Clubs!

Location: Kahoot & Zoom

Date: November 24, 2021

Time: @ 6PM

Link for Student Clubs to register:


-Student Clubs have to raise money/pay to enter a Kahoot Game!

-Purpose: to raise funds for Holiday Hampers/Students in need.

-Minimum contribution is $20 to enter. (But the goal is to raise as much as possible).

-Each student club will fundraise as a whole group but pick one person to register, they will collect $, then make the donation on groups behalf and then that person will also participate at Kahoot!

-After the game the winner gets bragging rights and will be announced on social media.

-Also, the Student Club who raised the most money will be announced on social media too!

-Student clubs that are interested will have to register via Eventbrite by: Monday, Nov 22, 2021 @ 4pm.

-Then Student Club will have to fundraise!

-Once Student Clubs have their donation in order they can donate via our UMSU website online donation system. (Must mention a contact person and student club in donation form). *NOTE: Donation form will be open Nov 1, 2021.

-Donation due: Nov 24th at Noon.

-We will also have prizes for Kahoot too: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Kahoot winners! I.E. E-cards…$25 (1st place), $15 (2nd place) & $10 (3rd place).

-It’s up to the student clubs to decide how they want to raise funds so get creative!

-Incentive: For the Student Club who raise the most money $200 UMSU Gift card.

 Location: Zoom & Kahoot!

Zoom info:

-Those who have met the minimum $20 donation (or exceeded it) will then be sent a link to join via Zoom. Please keep an eye on your email/junk mail for confirmation and updates for this event.

Kahoot Trivia Game info:

-Join at: or with the Kahoot! App

-Game PIN: TBD (host will give this once you sign into ZOOM).


Pictures with Santa

Pictures with Santa will be taking place on December 2 and 3 from 10am – 2pm! 3 ply masks, proof of vaccine, and ID will be required.

Santa Picture Pricing:

Digital – $2

Printed hard Copy – $3

Digital + Printed hard copy – $5

NOTE: if you’ve already purchased a hard copy you can get an extra printed copy for an extra $2


Snow Bucket Challenge

If you purchase THREE package ‘C’, you will be able to nominate an executive to participate in the snow bucket challenge. What is the snow bucket challenge? Kind of like the water bucket challenge, except with snow! Zero-waste, icy cold and plenty of laughs.


Q+As for Applicants 


Who is eligible to apply?

You must be an UMSU member to apply to receive a hamper. Hampers will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. To apply, please send a message to


When do applications begin?

November 15, 2021


When is the application deadline?

December 1, 2021


When will I receive my hamper?

December 11, 2021


What do I receive? How will I receive my hamper?

You will receive either a package A, B or C, dependent on your family size.

Package A (1-2 people) – $150

Package B (3-5 people) – $200

Package C (6+ people) – $250


What is my information used for?

We do not share your information with any outside parties. Information is required so we can send you your holiday hamper. We may send an optional survey once the program has ended to monitor how we may improve the program for future years!


Q+A’s for Donors:


I would like to donate, where do I do this?

Please fill out the form here. You can pay online with credit card to donate or, if you wish to donate by cheque, cash or debit, please select the In-Person or By Mail form.


Do you issue tax receipts?

Yes! Tax receipt will be issued for the year that you donate. Tax receipts will be mailed to the address you provide on the donation form.


When is the donation deadline?

To receive a tax receipt, we will accept online donations and mailed donations until December 31, 2021. If you need to pay in-person and would like a tax receipt for 2021, you must come into the Service Centre prior to December 17, 2021 (holiday closure in effect after this date until January 5, 2022).