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UMSU hosts two Mental Health Campaign weeks per year (one in each semester) to combat the stigma associated with mental illness, and promote self-care through activities such as art therapy and pet therapy.

Fall 2023:  November 6 to 10

Winter 2024:  March 4 to 8

“The UMSU Health and Dental Plan has really awesome mental health coverage (some of the best in the country actually!). I’ll provide you a link to the webpage that outlines the details of your UMSU Health and Dental Plan at the end of this article. If you check your fees in Aurora (check your Fall or Winter fees, depending when you when you started classes for the 2022/2023 school year) you can see if you paid for that insurance plan. I would guess a majority of people reading this will have it. ”  …. read more on the My Student Wellbeing website at

The UMSU Mental Health Working Group was struck in the Summer of 2022 with the mandate of creating recommendations for UMSU and the UM to advance student support resources. While the document is broken up into two sections, one for UMSU and one for the UM Administration, we believe that all these projects can and should be worked on in tandem between the incoming UMSU Executive team, and the UM Administration team. I want to extend a massive thank you to members of the UMSU MHWG, and I hope that this document will serve as a wonderful reminder of how far there still is to go for students’ mental health support.

UMSU Mental Health Working Group Recommendations

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