Missive to International Students – Health Has No Borders

The Manitoba Alliance of Post-Secondary Students and The University of Manitoba Students’ Union invites all students to publicly show support for International student healthcare, loudly and proudly vocalize their concerns, and join us at our Rally for International Student Healthcare on September 28, 2022 at 12pm, at the Manitoba Legislative Building. We understand the many concerns and questions that can come with rallies and/or protests, especially on government/legislative grounds. We prioritize the safety of all students, and want everyone to be comfortable with what they may be involved in. It is legal and within your rights to peacefully protest, and you will not be persecuted for doing so.

It can be daunting for some to participate in direct action events to the government, especially for international students or those who are on other temporary visas/permits. We want all students to know that protesting and participating in support rallies is legal in Canada, as long as you don’t break any laws while you’re at it. Permanent residents and other foreign nationals (such as international students) in Canada cannot be deported for simply attending a protest. Protesting is not a crime and therefore those wishing to attend are completely safe to do so without risking their immigration status in Canada. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2 guarantees your right to protest. Peaceful assembly is essential to the democratic process, and is welcomed by many. In Canada, as long as you are gathered in a peaceful manner, you may protest on any public grounds; any building owned by government which includes the Manitoba Legislative Building where our rally will be taking place. Most incidents of arrest at peaceful demonstrations/protests occur when individuals become violent or destructive. Please do not vandalize property or harass others on scene. We will have no issues as long as we remain peaceful.

MAPSS trusts that all students attending will represent our student community with great pride and responsibility, and behave in a peaceful, non-violent way while expressing support for international student healthcare. This rally is safe to attend and participate in. So long as we respect the grounds of the legislative building and the people around us, no legal action will be taken. This is our chance to have the Manitoba provincial government hear our voices in a safe, supportive and truly impactful way, we hope you will join us in doing so.  

September 28th at 12pm