[ANNOUNCEMENT] University Administration’s New Policy Change for In-Person Activities

Hello everyone,

Please do not skip any of the information below. We at UMSU are in the same position as all clubs with this new policy and therefore are not fit to answer your questions or concerns with this policy directly. Please direct any and all of your questions and concerns to the University of Manitoba Administration at SAComms@umanitoba.ca. 

Please note the following:

  • UMSU’s role with this is delivering the important information and updates to students, we unfortunately do not have any say in the policies created.
  • UMSU has to enforce the policies that the U of M puts forward and we urge you to refer to the guidelines established by the University and Provincial Government.
  • UMSU is also not involved with the approval procedure of in-person activities and has no say in what gets approved and what does not. Anyone from UMSU wishing to host any in person activities also has to apply for approval.

New Policy as of September 29, 2021:

This is coming directly from the University of Manitoba Administration:

All on and off campus student-led activities must be approved by the Vice Provost (Student Affairs). Students must complete the In-person Activity form and send to SAcomms@umanitoba.ca three weeks ahead of their planned activity.”

This policy effects everyone and in-person activities constitutes ANYTHING in-person such as face-to-face meetings, tabling, events, etc.

This form can be found at https://umanitoba.ca/coronavirus at the bottom right called Student-led in-person activity request form (doc)

Impact of Policy:

Recently, we told all of you about not requiring approvals for off-campus events… however, this new change all of a sudden is understandably frustrating.

We completely understand the stress, anxiety, confusion, and frustration that the constant changes to the in-person activity policies have placed on all of you. We are similarly frustrated and completely empathize with all of you. This has been a very hard process to understand due to the confusion.

After weeks of communications with the University and providing feedback regarding their process, we have been given reassurance of the following:

  • There is now a dedicated team that is overseeing the approval procedure instead of the overwhelmed COVID-19 Recovery Steering Committee.
  • This team is ready to take on all of the applications from you all right now.
  • The approval process will be expedited in response to the demands for student-led in-person activities.
  • The University of Manitoba Administration requests for at least a minimum of 1 week for in-person activities to be reviewed but recommend at least 3 weeks.
  • Any new policy updates will be posted on https://umanitoba.ca/coronavirus/latest-updates-and-safety#latest-covid-19-updates

Please remember that UMSU is not fit to answer questions about these policy changes, as we have no say in the matter. Please direct all of your questions and concerns to the University of Manitoba Administration at SAComms@umanitoba.ca. 

UMSU Clubs Administration