City Budget Amended to Include U-Pass but at Much Higher Rate


Students have put in a truly admirable effort in the face of nearly insurmountable odds to push back against the cut of the U-Pass.

I am proud to say that work did not go un-noticed. The City of Winnipeg did amend its budget to include the U-Pass program, but did so at a steeply increased rate of $200 per term. Given the substantial nature of this increase we wish to bring this decision back to students.

That being said, due to the time of the year we are in, and with extensive precautions being necessitated by COVID-19, we are unsure at this point how that could be facilitated.

Because of our work and the passion of our students, we were able to get the city of Winnipeg to publicly acknowledge a $4.3 million error. That is a truly significant accomplishment that should not be soon forgotten.

At this time, all I have to say to you all is Chi Miigwech. Thank you. You have all made the hopes of preserving this vital program possible, and we could not have led this fight without you. As soon as we are able to convene with our board and evaluate further options we will bring those forward to you.

We appreciate all your hard work, and your patience in a truly trying time.


Jakob Sanderson, UMSU President –

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