Red River College Offers New Healthcare Training Course to Combat COVID-19


October 16, 2020 – As people continue to face numerous challenges, Red River College, in partnership with the Province of Manitoba, has joined the fight against COVID-19; a measure the Manitoba Alliance of Post-Secondary Students (MAPSS) stands in support of.

Red River College is Manitoba’s largest post-secondary institution of applied learning and applied research. Their recent step, which is the development of this new micro-credential course, is another example of adapting to industry and the community’s needs.

The new course being offered by RRC is tuition-free. It is meant to train specific groups of healthcare students and healthcare professionals in safe COVID-19 sample collection procedures and ultimately increase the COVID-19 sample collecting capacity for Manitoba Public Health. The college will initially train up to 30 students a week and will add capacity as required.

Healthcare students can directly benefit from this tuition-free course and learn specific information regarding COVID-19 Nasopharyngeal Sample collection. Students will be trained in safe COVID-19 sample collection procedures with essential theory delivered online and a hands-on lab delivered in person while practicing social distancing.

The new course will also provide students with a direct employment pathway at a COVID-19 testing site. Anyone who completes this course will be added to a pool of qualified candidates who can support Winnipeg’s testing sites and across Manitoba where needed.

As the post-secondary institutions in Manitoba continue to create more opportunities for students, MAPSS works towards achieving more meaningful engagement between the Province of Manitoba and its post-secondary students.

For media inquiries or comment, please contact:

Yash Chopra

President, RRCSA

Melissa Ghidoni

Vice President External, RRCSA

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