University Adopts UMSU Priorities in Sexual Violence Policy Review

September 17, 2019

Winnipeg, MB – The University of Manitoba is set to take set serious strides toward combating sexual violence on campus after accepting the findings of its Sexual Violence report ‘Responding to Sexual Violence, Harassment & Discrimination at the University of Manitoba: A Path Forward’.

This independent review includes 43 detailed recommendations outlining steps the university is committed to taking to better address sexual violence, harassment and discrimination on campus.

This comes in response to UMSU’s relentless advocacy for improved sexual violence supports for students. Most notable among UMSU’s direct asks included in the report are the reiteration for the need of a dedicated sexual violence support centre on campus and the recommendation to place a ban on romantic relationships wherein a direct power imbalance exists. Of the 15 total recommendations put forward by UMSU, 14 have been adopted with several echoed in the University’s Independent Sexual Violence Report.

Vice-President Advocacy Sarah Bonner-Proulx commended the “laudable steps taken to address sexual violence in the report,” though she noted that, “This is only the beginning of the road. Moving forward, UMSU remains dedicated to creating a safe and accessible campus experience and keeping the university accountable throughout the implementation process to ensure student voices are front and centre.”


The University of Manitoba Students’ Union is the official representative of the over 25,000 undergraduate students at the University of Manitoba.

 For media information, please contact:

Sarah Bonner-Proulx
Vice President Advocacy
University of Manitoba Students’ Union
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