The following are Sub-Committees of Council:

University Affairs

The University Affairs Committee works to provide a coordinated effort for lobbying activities and student representation on campus through regular meetings, discussions, and leadership. This allows UMSU to ensure the students are advocating for the same priorities at the university Senate, Disciplinary Committee meetings, and other bodies which have student representation. The committee considers things such as university policies, ensuring students get a well-rounded and quality education, and rights of students. 

Judicial Board

The Judicial Board is the top appeal body for the University of Manitoba Students' Union. They fairly consider and adjudicate disputes that arise from UMSU Elections, the operation of governing bodies, committees of Council, or the Chief Returning Officer. The board can make binding decisions and decide whether the correct procedure has been followed during elections, the operation of Council, or committee meetings. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of all of the elected executive members. They meet twice per week to address day-to-day issues and make decisions on behalf of Council. They work to accomplish projects which Council approves and handle the smaller issues within UMSU. 

Finance Committee

The mandate of the Finance Committee is to review the financial affairs of the Union and create new full-time positions. They are responsible for ensuring UMSU sticks within its operational budget, plan for future expenditures, and decide if there is a demonstrated need for new full-time staff positions. 

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee works to ensure that students have quality services which benefit their experience at the University. They are in charge of reviewing the administration and operation of all services provided to students by UMSU as well as managing all policies and procedures which relate to the implementation, continuation, termination, or creation of UMSU Services.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is tasked with maintaining and developing modifications to the Governing Documents of the Union, as well as advising Executives and Council on positions to take on issues not covered in Position Statements. They look at how UMSU operates and ensure that all of the actions of UMSU are enshrined in policies and procedures which have been approved by Council as a whole.

Selections Committee

The Selections Committee is responsible for filling vacancies on UMSU Council Committees, which includes setting and publishing deadlines for applications for any position that needs to be filled, as well as the method of application for any positions. When students apply to be on a committee their application is reviewed by the Selections Committee and they decide who is the best fit to sit on each committee. 

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for assisting the Marketing Department to plan large scale events and promotional activities for the Union. They provide input on programming, features, decoration, logistics, advertising and any other aspects which can be required for a successful event. They are also responsible for overseeing UMSU's involvement in other events and programming. 

Space Revitalization Committee

As UMSU grows and students needs change and expand, the Space Revitalization Committee is responsible for evaluating the use of UMSU's space within University Centre. They investigate how space is being used, whether it is well utilized, develop and propose ideas of how space could be better used, and present this information to UMSU Council. Currently, UMSU space includes the UMSU offices, GPA's, IQ's, Degrees, The HUB, Answers, the Gallery of Student Art, and the UMSU Services Desk.

U-Pass Committee

The purpose of the U-Pass Committee is to oversee the universal transit pass (U-Pass), which UMSU provides to its members in conjunction with Winnipeg Transit. The committee shall:

  1. Review the effectiveness of the U-Pass;
  2. Recommend changes to the U-Pass to the appropriate party;
  3. To assist in organizing referenda on any changes to the U-Pass;
  4. Actively review student appeals of the U-Pass fee assessment.

Executive Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Executive Oversight Committee is to review the operations and performance of the Executive members of Council. They ensure that executives are meeting time and workload commitments, getting back to students in a timely manner, sending term reports and final year-end reports to UMSU Council, investigating complaints from Union members, disciplinary proceedings, and providing remuneration based on performance. 

If any member of the Union experiences issues with an elected executive, please contact the Executive Oversight Committee.

     *Please note this committee will become effective May 1, 2017*

Business Management Committee

The Business Management Committee is composed of our business professionals and students. They make decisions over all major UMSU business decisions including at least:

  1. Decisions to engage in new business operations or to terminate existing ones;
  2. Business budgeting;
  3. Business operation, opening and closing schedules; and
  4. Modifications to infrastructure supporting business operations.


The following are committees organized by UMSU, but not considered to be Sub-Committees of UMSU Council:

  • Bannatyne Board of Senior Sticks
  • Board of Senior Sticks
  • Assembly of Club Executives (ACE)
  • Student Senate Caucus