Fall Term Opt-Out Period: Aug 25 2023 – Sept 20 2023

Winter Term Opt-Out Period: Dec. 26 2023 – Jan. 23 2024

The Criteria for opting-out of the U-Pass are listed below, as agreed upon by Winnipeg Transit, the City of Winnipeg, and the University of Manitoba

A.) Commute to campus from a residence (where you live during the term) outside the City of Winnipeg boundaries

Upload two (2) current documents as proof of residence with matching name and address.

Document 1:

– Valid driver’s license

Document 2 – ONE of the following:

– Tenancy agreement covering the current academic year

– Statement or bill issued within the past thirty (30) days (e.g. hydro or water bill, mobile phone bill, bank/credit card statement)

*Note: The second document must be from a different source than the primary document 

Documents that are not accepted include: MPI bills, statements, or letters. MB Health cards. Letters. Online order receipts. Void Cheques.

*Note: Commutes longer than 1 hr and 30 mins will not be accepted as they are deemed as unreasonable 

Please see pdf file below to verify if your area is within the reasonable commute boundary. 

B) Registered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Upload an image of your CNIB card.

C) Employee of Winnipeg Transit

Upload written confirmation of your employment on official letterhead.

D) Participating in a Practicum Placement outside the city for at least sixty (60) days this Term

Upload written confirmation on official letterhead from your Practicum Office, clearly indicating start and end dates of placement and location of practicum placement. 

E) Studying outside of Canada for at least sixty (60) days this Term

Upload written confirmation on official letterhead from your program, clearly indicating start and end dates and location.

F) Participating in an internship or conducting research outside the City of Winnipeg boundaries for at least sixty (60) days this term, as part of a program of studies according to the University’s records

Upload written confirmation on official letterhead from your program, clearly indicating start and end dates and location.

G) Hold a valid U-Pass from another Post-Secondary Institution located within Winnipeg

Upload a copy of your fee assessment from the other institution clearly showing the U-Pass fee, and provide the serial number of your U-Pass.

H) Handi-Transit user

Upload an image of your Handi-Transit card.

Additional Information

Before requesting an opt-out, check your Aurora tuition fee statement to see if you have been charged for the U-Pass. If you have not been charged the U-Pass fee, you do not have to request an opt-out.

While UMSU is responsible for adjudicating your request against established criteria, the criteria are not at the sole discretion of UMSU. For this reason, not all opt out requests can be granted. Note that the following are examples of opt-out request reasons which are not acceptable and will not be approved:

  • I walk / cycle / carpool to campus
  • I drive to campus / I purchased a U of M Parking Pass
  • I live in Residence
  • I don’t take the bus
  • I’m not satisfied with the transit services offered in my neighborhood
  • Please note that all opt-out applications and supporting documentation must be submitted during the opt-out period. The final deadline to submit your completed electronic opt out request is: September 20, 2023 – 4:00 PM.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.

Fee Removal

When you submit your application online, you will receive a response from the U-Pass Committee once they have reached their decision regarding your application. Please DO NOT contact UMSU about the status of your application, as we are unable to provide status updates. Approved applicants will have their U-Pass Fee removed before tuition is due; if you have already paid your tuition including this fee, you will see a credit on your account. Students not returning for a future term can speak to the University Cashier’s office once this credit appears.


If you have been approved for an opt-out for the Fall term under category A (commute from a residence outside the City of Winnipeg), your opt-out is valid for the academic year and do not need to reapply for the Winter term. The U-Pass fee is not removed from approved students’ accounts until after the course revision deadline in either Term, as students may alter their registration and eligibility for the U-Pass during this time. This means that if you are approved to opt-out for the full year in September, you may still see the U-Pass fee on your Winter tuition until the Winter course revision deadline. 

For any questions please contact u-pass@umsu.ca and include your name and student number in the subject.