UMSU Hardship Fund

The UMSU Hardship fund is a financial assistance program administered by the Vice President Student Life. The fund exists to aid students who are in desperate need, and have exhausted all other resources and options available to them. The Hardship Fund is administered students who apply and are approved, and is issued in the form of a Grant. The UMSU Hardship Funding can only be used by students for the following:
The UMSU Hardship Fund can not in any case be used to pay any student’s tuition , credit card bills and textbook costs.

You are only eligible to receive funding from the Hardship fund if you are an UMSU Member. You can find the online application here. Completed applications will be submitted to the VPSL. Please allow for a couple weeks’ time for them to fully process and review your application.

Additionally, please submit all of the documentation listed below each category of funding for your application to move forward.

Please also be advised that you may be asked to sign any necessary consent forms and documentation indicating you have given permission for the VPSL to review your case. All information detailed and included within the Hardship Application you submit will be kept strictly confidential between the applicant and VPSL, unless explicit consent is given by the applicant to allow their information to be shared with another executive or UMSU staff member.

For all questions and inquiries regarding the Hardship Fund, please email