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Change options include opting-out, opting-in, and family coverage.


For further information call toll-free 1-855-535-3282.


In January 2002, students in a referendum overwhelmingly voted in favour of an extended health and dental care plan.

At the request of students via a referendum, UMSU implemented a health and dental plan designed by students to provide many important services and cover expenses that are excluded from basic public health care.

Services include additional prescription drug, ambulance, and vision coverage; paramedical treatment; dental care; and more.

Although UMSU advocates for better public health care, it is important that students also have coverage now.

Member Eligibility

All UMSU members (students who are in at least one on-campus course) who are registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours of courses and all full-time graduate students are automatically members of the UMSU Health & Dental Plan, and are assessed the fee on their Aurora tuition fee statements in the Fall term. You must also be covered under a Provincial Health Insurance Plan.

You will become eligible for a 12-month term of coverage commencing September 1 and ending August 31.

New full-time students who are first-time entrants to the University of Manitoba who take at least nine (9) credit hours on Campus will be assessed health & dental fees on their tuition and will be covered from January 1 to August 31.

Returning students to the University of Manitoba, Co-op program students, Distance Education students and/or part-time graduate students may not automatically be assessed health & dental fees on their tuition. If you are not automatically assessed the fees on your Aurora fee assessment and are interested in becoming a member of the plan, please refer to the Opt-In page.

Changing Coverage Including
Waiving Entitlement to Participate

For further information refer to or call toll-free 1-855-535-3282.

To change your coverage (including opting out) during your Change of Coverage period click here.

For most University of Manitoba students, participation in the Health & Dental plan is mandatory if they meet the eligibility criteria and do not provide proof of other coverage as well as request an opt out through the proper channels during their Change-of-Coverage period each year. Students who cannot opt out may still be able to opt down to a lower level of coverage during the change of coverage period.

The Health & Dental Plan exists due to a mandate provided by University of Manitoba students and fees are collected by the University under the authority of the University of Manitoba Students’ Union Act.

Appeals Process

UMSU has hired StudentCare as the third party administrator of the Health & Dental Plan to ensure the best possible service for students. StudentCare is responsible for managing enrollment and eligibility of students in the plan, within the parameters provided by UMSU.

If you feel that these parameters have been applied unfairly or believe an exception is warranted, you can make an appeal to UMSU’s Member Services Committee using the appeals form below. UMSU’s Health & Dental plan is experience-rated, meaning that every change and exception the committee allows will have an adverse affect on the  cost of the plan for all other students in the future. This is why the committee will only grant appeals in exceptional circumstances.

Link to file: UMSU Health & Dental Appeal Request

Your appeal form must be submitted to the Health & Dental Kiosk in the UMSU University Centre building on the Fort Garry campus. If you can’t come to campus, you may also email your appeal to to request it be submitted on your behalf.

In your appeal, you should outline your request (for example: being allowed to opt out of the plan after the deadline) and your dispute (ie: why you missed the deadline.) Everything you submit in your appeal will be considered. The committee that decides on your appeal will not be aware of your prior contact with StudentCare so it is important that you clearly outline what steps you have already taken to resolve the issue before filing a formal appeal.

Other notes:
It is the responsibility of students to familiarize themselves with university policies and procedures, including deadlines.
UMSU cannot remove University of Manitoba account holds and students should pay their Aurora accounts in full; an Aurora account credit will be issued in case of a successful appeal.
The decision on an appeal is final and not subject to further appeal.
The appeals committee meets approximately every 3 weeks and it is normal to wait approximately one month for an outcome.
Only eligibility and enrollment for the current academic year can be appealed; prior years will not be considered.