Student Funding

Every year the University of Manitoba Students’ Union gives out thousands of dollars for students and Student Clubs to hold and participate in events, go to conferences, and travel the globe. While in the past, there used to be different forms depending on what kind of funds you were applying for,  with our new Student Funding Request form, we take the hassle out of your busy schedule and make it easy to help get you the funds you need.

The following form can be used to request funds for things such as:

  • Travel grants
  • Attending conferences
  • Hosting and attending events
  • Student Club operations
  • And many more


This funding is open to anyone who falls into the either of the following two categories:

  1. Members of the University of Manitoba Students’ Union
  2. Members of Student Clubs registered with the University of Manitoba Students’ Union 


All funding requests are processed and evaluated by UMSU’s Member Services Committee (MSC), a group of committed students who represent all corners of our campus, and thoroughly check all applications to ensure the Union’s funds are being used in such a way that directly benefits the lives of our students.

Before you submit your application to our front office (101 University Center), please try to gather as much documented information as possible. The more the committee can understand about your event/trip/conference/etc. the more likely they are to approve you or your group for funds! As well, Clubs who have not registered using the online application need to do so before submitting a request 

Please allow at minimum three (3) weeks processing time for the Member Services Committee to make a decision on your application.