The U-Pass is a universal transit pass, which provides unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit services in exchange for a mandatory fee. The U-Pass fee is automatically assessed on your Aurora account for each Term for which you are eligible. 

The Fall Term U-Pass is valid September 1 - December 31. The Winter Term U-Pass is valid January 1 - April 30. There is no Spring/Summer U-Pass.

Only Full-Time students - students enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours in a Term - who are members of UMSU or the Graduate Students' Association are eligible for the U-Pass.

You can use your U-Pass to ride Winnipeg Transit buses for the entirety of the Term in which you are eligible, without additional fares. Note: Your Student ID with the U-Pass sticker is required, along with the U-Pass when boarding a Transit bus to utilize the U-Pass.  If the appropriate Student ID is not presented, students risk confiscation of their U-Pass. Students are not to sell, barter or give away their U-Pass, as the penalty could be confiscation of the U-Pass and possible fines.


The Winter Term U-Pass is no longer available and will not be accepted on Winnipeg Transit buses as of May 1, 2017.

Post-Secondary Monthly Transit passes and other Winnipeg Transit fare products will continue to be sold at both Answers Fort Garry & Answers Bannatyne. If you are experiencing issues purchasing a Post-Secondary PEGGO card from Answers, please check with the Registrar's office to confirm your eligibility, as students must be registered in order to receive the student rate for the summer.

U-Pass Opt-Out

U-Pass Opt-Outs for the 2016-2017 Academic Year WILL NO LONGER be accepted.

Only students who are eligible for the U-Pass, and have been charged the U-Pass fee on their Aurora account, can apply to opt-out of the U-Pass. The following are accepted criteria to opt-out of the U-Pass:

  • You commute to campus from a residence outside of the City of Winnipeg boundaries;
  • You are currently registered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind;
  • You are an employee with Winnipeg Transit;
  • You are participating in a cooperative work program (and have been assessed co-op fees) for at least 60 days this term;
  • You are studying outside of Canada for at least 60 days this term;
  • You are participating in an internship or conducting research outside of the City of Winnipeg boundaries for at least 60 days this term, as part of a program of studies according to the University's records;
  • You hold a valid U-Pass from another Post-Secondary institution located within Winnipeg;
  • You are a Handi-Transit user. 


U-Pass approved by City Hall; program to begin Fall 2016

The City of Winnipeg officially approved the U-Pass (or universal bus pass) program on March 25, 2015. The program, formally proposed by the students' unions at both the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg in Fall of 2012, earned strong support at City Hall, including that of Mayor Bowman and 12 of the 15 other members of City Council.

Winnipeg Transit will now be obtaining new staff and buses to meet the expected increase in bus ridership; to provide Transit with time to do so, the program is slated to begin in September 2016.

Still have a question about the U-Pass? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about the U-Pass, or email umsu@umsu.ca.