UMSU Campus Garden

Who We Are

The UMSU Campus Garden's goal is to promote community development and local food system practices. We love showing volunteers where their food comes from. Students also learn about food issues such as food security, food sovereignty, and sustainable agriculture through gardening. Our volunteers range from beginners to veteran gardeners. Regardless if you're a graduate student or it is your first year, we'll have a blast working outside together.

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What We Do

As the UMSU Campus Garden, we garden! We start at the beginning of the season (April) with seeding in our greenhouse, to transplanting into the garden beds, and maintaining until harvest (Mid-Late September). In addition to gardening, we want to promote our local food systems through events.


This is our mini Farmer's Market right here on campus! Starting from mid-July until late-September, we sell our produce to the public. We get together in the morning and harvest the food right after. If you've never had a carrot straight out of the ground, you better come and try it!


At the end of August, we hold a local feast featuring food from our garden, as well as other local producers! We give our fresh produce to the amazing chefs at Degree's and they prepare us a delicious three course meal.


Throughout the season, we hold various workshops so you can learn more about gardening and produce. From proper watering to soil nutrition, we will share how to keep your plants looking in tip top shape! Once your veggies are ready, we will also expose ways you can cook your produce. This could be a borscht cooking lesson, or how to make sauerkraut.

Where You Can Find Us

Our diverse gardens bring a beautiful and delicious flare to campus. We have gardens all over! We have 4 Corners of the World themed garden beside biological science and a variety of gardens on the Univeristy Centre Patio. There is a large plot we call the "Big Garden" out by the corner of Chancellor Matheson Drive and Pembina Highway.

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Why You Should Join

Free Food! You receive free produce from our gardens as a volunteer. Our UMSU Campus Garden volunteers also get the same as those in the UMSU Volunteer Program! Checkout their page HERE to read about the benefits. The garden is also a great environment to meet new people. Gardening is a great way to get involved.

When You Can Start

You can join anytime during the season! We start in April and go until mid-late September. The Garden is under the UMSU Vice-President Internal. To sign up, make sure you choose us as you fill out the application! Also, send us an email at and join our Facebook group, UMSU Campus Garden.