Statement from UMSU

February 28, 2024

UMSU would like to be explicitly clear – we strongly and unequivocally condemn any and all forms of Islamophobia in our spaces and on our campus. Prejudice, discrimination, and hate speech against individuals based on their Islamic faith not only harm those directly affected but also erode the fabric of our campus and student body. We would like to sincerely apologize to the students that went through this horrific act of discrimination and felt unsafe. As an organization that values inclusivity, respect, and diversity, Islamophobia has no place in any of our spaces and on our campus. We reaffirm our commitment to providing a safe space for all students on campus, which is why we have taken action and barred Mr. Bassem Eid from any UMSU spaces by issuing him an official trespass notice that is effective immediately, and we are currently working with the University of Manitoba to ensure that Mr. Eid is barred from all university spaces in the future. Additionally, SSI has been suspended pending an ongoing investigation process.

We urge all student clubs and student groups to actively challenge Islamophobic attitudes and engage in constructive dialogue that promotes mutual respect and empathy. Together, we can work towards building a campus community where every individual is treated with dignity and fairness. 

If you or anyone affected require additional support during this time, UMSU provides access to online resources, self-help materials, and information on mental health awareness. For access to all campus and online resources, please visit