Each resident of Mary Speechly and Pembina Hall Residence is a member of the Resident Students’ Association. The Resident Student Association Council (RSAC) is elected by members of the RSA each February to represent the interests of, provide services, and improve the residence community for the residents of MSH/PHR. RSAC have meetings open to members of the RSA on Sundays at 5:00pm in Club Condo. If you have something you would like to bring forward to the RSAC in a meeting, please contact any RSAC councilor.

Some services that are provided by the Resident Students’ Association Council (RSAC) include:
● Operation of charity events
● Social and recreational programming
● Publication of a residence magazine
● Colour Night banquet
● Operation of Club Condo (a canteen, projector, video games, board games,
● Representation of residents to Residence Life and other University
administrative units.

RSAC also needs your active participation! Various representatives are elected in the beginning of each year to assist the council with programming such as floor representatives, an accessibility representative, an indigenous representative, and an LGBTTQ+ representative. The representatives are split into committees such as the food committee, the promotions and publications committee, the spirit cup committee, the club condo committee, and the international students’ committee.

Name Resident Student Association Council
Membership All student residents of Mary Speechly and Pembina Hall Residence
Contact Email rezperspective@hotmail.ca
Facebook Page weloversac
Twitter Page uofmrsac
Instagram Page umrsac
Snapchat Page umrsac
Constitution RSAC Constitution 2018-2019