The Social Work Students’ Association (SWSA) represents and advocates on behalf of students who are currently enrolled in the Undergraduate Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba. SWSA has members who regularly attend and participate in Senate, Faculty Council and UMSU meetings acting as representatives of the Social Work student body. In addition, SWSA acts as a liaison between the university community, the faculty and Social Work students, advising students of matters that may be of importance to them and advocating on behalf of the interests of Social Work students in all capacities. SWSA meets once a month to discuss current affairs and plan events throughout the year that aim to support and encourage community building among Social Work students and the larger university community. The Social Work Students’ Association (SWSA) upholds values of inclusive, diversity, accessibility and democratic-participatory decision making. In acknowledgement of inequality, SWSA recognizes and supports social change initiatives that aim to reduce social, political and environmental injustice. It is the intention of the Social Work Students’ Association to support, and advocate on behalf of, all undergraduate Faculty of Social Work students through community building events, student advocacy, provision of relevant training opportunities, and representation on various student councils.

Name The Social Work Students’ Association
Membership All undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Social Work
UMSU Fee Levy $0.70 per credit hour
Contact Email
Facebook page swsamanitoba
Instagram page swsamanitoba
Constitution SWSA Constitution