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Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Manitoba (CEO Manitoba) is a student group that makes becoming an entrepreneur easier for students. We inspire students to become entrepreneurs by informing, supporting, and connecting them to the Manitoban entrepreneurship community. Our overall goal is for students to make a positive impact through business creation.

We have four main events throughout the year:

#1 Kick-off to Entrepreneurship

Kick-off to Entrepreneurship is an event that showcases what CEO Manitoba has to offer as student-led entrepreneurship group. CEO Manitoba provides an opportunity for new and returning members to be introduced to participating Corporate Partners. Members will be composed of students from various faculties which aligns with CEO Manitoba’s diverse target market. The event will be used as a platform for a discussion to be held with panelists on an array of entrepreneurial topics.

#2 Startup Crawl

Start-up Crawl is a loaded bus of students that have the opportunity to visit Winnipeg based startups and resource centers. Companies have the opportunity to engage students in a tour of their offices, perform a short professional development session, and field student questions about their businesses. Companies will also have the opportunity to be involved in competitions throughout the day and attend a post-event Wine and Cheese hosted by the Premier Partner.

#3 Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is geared for participants to present their business ideas to one or two judges in a 60-second elevator ride. Participants will also be competing for cash prizes. Corporate partners will have the opportunity to network with a group of students comprised of faculties such as business, engineering, computer science, and many others.
Purpose: The purpose of the Elevator Pitch is for participants to gain exposure on how to sell their product in a time-pressured situation in front of potential investors.

#4 Ramp Up Weekend

Ramp Up Weekend pulls together developers, designers, makers, and entrepreneurs to build a minimum viable product (MVP) in 55 hours. Students will get to meet entrepreneur mentors and develop a minimal viable product as well as learn how to pitch a said product.

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