CFC-YOUTH CAMPUS BASED is a Roman Catholic campus based youth ministry, under the family ministry of CFC (Couples for Christ) and is based within a university.
Our Vision: “A Renewed Society in Christ through the Campuses”
Our Mission: “Empowering God’s witnesses in the campuses that will transform the society”

We as CFC-Youth campus based, are organization to promote a positive environment in the university that is centred on Christian Values. We hold fellowships, outreach programs, retreats, study groups, and many more that will help any student become more aware of what they can do to be better people.

We also allow students support in the overall well-being and promote not only excellence in studies but in generosity and charity.

We are committed to live in God’s righteousness and holiness, evangelizing university students through a life of love and service; we shall work for the renewal of the youth that will embrace God and His commission, build generations of Christian leaders, in the pursuit of making our studies relevant to our commitment to the society and to God

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Last Recognized: May 2021 – May 2022
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