University of Manitoba Ceramics Club (Clay Club)

The University of Manitoba Ceramics Club is a student run group that exists to foster community and to broaden the horizons of the School of Art ceramics students.We are an active student group that provides educational and financial resources to Fine Art students, with ceramics as their medium of choice

We provide funding assistance for ceramics-related activities and facilitate workshops. We work in partnership with the local arts organizations and collaborate with other institutions. Our goal is to continue to provide economic support to students in covering artists’ travel costs for national and international travel opportunities to ceramics conferences/events. Students that are actively involved in Ceramics Club use it to build their curriculum vitae in the field of ceramics and further their career development. The club organizes multiple sales in which both the club and individual members have the opportunity to benefit from sales as well as gain hands-on experience selling work. We believe in working collectively to emulate and foster the ideas necessary to create and maintain long term relationships.

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Last Recognized: May 2020 – May 2021
Club Category: To Be Announced

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