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Engineers Without Borders(EWB) creates opportunities for rural Africans to access clean water, generate an income from small farms, and have improved access to the services and infrastructure they need to improve their lives. Our mission is to fight poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by working with our African partners to create positive change in the lives of millions of people. It is a daunting goal, but we believe that through constant innovation and humility we can achieve the change we envision.

No matter what field you’re studying, the EWB – U of M chapter is a great place to meet people who care about human rights, access to technology and international development. New members are always welcome at any time throughout the year. EWB is a great place to develop your soft skills as well as practice leadership, communication and organizational skills. Plus it looks great on your resume.

If you are interested in social change and would like to expand your skill set beyond technical engineering skills, consider joining Engineers Without Borders (EWB). We harness the problem-solving approach and creative pragmatism of the Canadian engineering sector to address the root causes of poverty in rural Africa.

The University of Manitoba chapter is one link in the EWB chain, a movement that spans two continents and includes thousands of members. We are a powerful presence on campus and beyond. Whether we are striving to create Manitoba’s first Fair Trade Certified campus, working with industry partners to promote socially constructive engineering, lobbying politicians for greater aid transparency or fundraising to support one of our African ventures, we always make our voice heard.

In EWB, the opportunities for personal growth and making a difference are endless: travel to Africa with our Junior Fellowship program, organize events, lead a chapter initiative, attend conferences across Canada or simply broaden your perspective through engaging conversation. EWB is constantly expanding and innovating – join the movement today.

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