Akwaaba! The Ghana Students Union of Manitoba (GSUM) was created as an avenue for Ghanaian students to engage in academic and social interactions for their collective benefit. The club arranges for accommodation, pick-ups and orientation for new Ghanaian students for easier integration into the University community and the Manitoban society at large. In addition, GSUM creates an opportunity for Ghanaian students to celebrate culture and network with other Ghanaian students and the Ghanaian community in Manitoba. The union establishes a safe space for peer support, academic support, educational workshops, volunteer work, cultural and spiritual support, as well as active participation in events held by other student body organizations.
Contact Email ghanastudentsmb@gmail.com
Constitution 2022-23 By-Laws
Instagram @g.s.u.m.b

Club Information:
Status: ACTIVE
Last Recognized: Fall 2022
Club Category: Ethnic the Cultural, Academic