Home Economics Connection Club (HECC)

The objectives of HECC are to collectively work toward developing skills and making connections related to the field of Home Economics. We maintain the relationships with Manitoba Association of Human Ecology (MAHE), the Association of Canadian Human Ecology Students (ACHES), and the University of Manitoba for the development and preservation of the integrity of Home Economics. To do this, we provide events that can promote the skills necessary to be a successful Professional Home Economist. This includes food skills, family skills, textile skills, and health studies workshops.

Contact Email umhecc@gmail.com
Website https://communitylink.umanitoba.ca/organization/hecc
Facebook Page HomeEconomicsConnectionsClub
Twitter Page HECC_UManitoba
Instagram Page hecc_umanitoba
Constitution HECC Constitution

Club Information:
Last Recognized: May 2020 – May 2021
Club Category: To Be Announced

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