Kingdom Youths for Christ (KYFC)

Youths for Christ is a conglomeration of Christians who are lovers of Jesus Christ and seek to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

The goal of KYFC is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ according to His standards. On this note, Kingdom Youths for Christ is founded as a group that is built without walls, therefore everyone (both graduate and undergraduate students of the University of Manitoba) of any gender, race, or sexual orientation is welcome to join in and partake of the Glory of Jesus Christ, and shall be willing to come in with an open heart and mind to receive of what Jesus has to say.

The mandate of YFC includes the following:

• To create an avenue where Christians can come together in fellowship to render praise, worship and adoration to the Lord Jesus Christ.

• To locate and gather Christians together for the purpose of studying and sharing revelations from the Bible.

• To foster a healthy and peaceful relationship amongst both Christians and non-Christians by exercising love.

• To coordinate recreational events where both Christians and non-Christians are invited to foster socialization and stress free atmosphere.

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