We are a community that helps students take their next step towards Jesus.

We serve the campus by being a spiritual resource for students, especially those who wish to dialogue about issues of faith. We provide a welcoming environment for students to share their beliefs and learn about connecting with God. We desire to raise the level of dialogue on campus about life’s most profound questions and how spirituality relates to different aspects of our world and lives.

We create opportunities to dialogue about faith, God, spirituality & leadership through faith conversations, on-campus events, Bible-based group gatherings and prayer.  Our discussion-based gatherings, faith conversations, lectures, and presentations challenge students to think about the possibility that we were created for something more.

Our small group Bible studies, faith conversations, weekly gatherings, prayer meetings, retreats, conferences, and mission trips help students grow as followers of Jesus and gain passion and skills to help change their world.

We help students discover Jesus, experience God at work in their lives and inspire others to discover and experience Jesus too!

Join us and do something adventurous with your faith – Because we believe Jesus changes everything!

Contact Email uofm@p2c.com
Facebook Page https://p2c.uofm/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p2cuofm/
Website https://p2c.com/students
Constitution P2C Constitution

Club Information:
Status: ACTIVE
Last Recognized: Winter 2022
Club Category: Religious, Academic, Community