Peace of Mind University of Manitoba (POMUM)

In an effort to shape a positive culture surrounding mental health and illness, Peace of Mind at the University of Manitoba (POMUM) acts in the interests of both students, faculty and administration to raise awareness and to eradicate the stigma, while advocating for proper supports and using a diverse range of platforms.

Beginning at the secondary level in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Peace of Mind Canada is an organization that was started by young people after their friend, Miguel, was lost to mental illness. Now a national movement, there are chapters at post-secondary institutions all over the country and now there is one at the University of Manitoba, in the city where it all began.

POMUM’s main objectives are to advocate for a positive and safe environment for those having trouble to seek support and for everyone on campus to raise up the conversation. Our main channels for doing so are through events which empower students to create and share. For example, POMUM hosts an annual event called Youth Against Mental Health and Illness Stigma of which students are given the stage to speak, perform and share their art in any way that can be presented on a stage. Similar to the national organization, POMUM also has the objective of hosting art exhibits and various fundraisers which make use of different mediums, giving the spotlight back to the individual creators.

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