The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is a worldwide synthetic biology competition in which students from all over the campus work in an interdisciplinary team to tackle a problem. Students work in a collaborative environment in the interdisciplinary team to decide which problem they want to undertake, from diagnostic to environmental challenges any problems they wish to tackle. Students will gain full experience of proper scientific research from fundraising money to planning experiments to collaborating with professors and labs. Student will be properly trained by graduate/post-doctoral students to lead their own research team. There are multiple components such as wet lab (bench work), dry lab (computational), human practices (social sciences) and communication (visual design) so their is opportunity for everyone to get involved regardless of degree or background.

Students wok over the summer months to complete the project, students who are doing research or coop over the summer may also take part in iGEM team. At the end of the summer students prepare a poster and oral presentation to present at the iGEM Jamboree. This gives students the opportunity to exotic places all over the world to present their research at a international conference, all expenses paid!

We typically start recruiting at the end of the fall semester but feel free to contact us at any point if interested. No previous lab experience necessary and all skill-sets welcome. Each year the project has different aspects which may include photography, software development, video editing, visual design so if you are interested in applying these skills to make a difference in the world or perhaps use them to gain valuable research skills reach out to us and learn more about open positions.

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Last Recognized: May 2021 – May 2022
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