Medical First Responders (MFRs) provide lifesaving first aid and help reduce the risk of further injury or illness to members of our community. Medical First Response Services are provided at a variety of community events around the city. St. John Ambulance will provide you with all the training needed to become an MFR. Membership to SJA UofM Div 281 is open to all students of the University of Manitoba, up until a capacity that can be appropriately trained. Such restrictions will be decided by the executive team and the Director of Community Services at St. John Ambulance. The final decision of an applicant’s acceptance to UofM FRT will be up to the Superintendent, and the Director of Community Services. Membership may be revoked due to misconduct. This includes but is not limited to: poor attendance, inappropriate behaviour while on duty and not attending duties that the member has signed up for. Intake sessions occur at the start of each semester. Please email to be notified when intake is opening or attend an information session (held at the start of each semester).

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Status: ACTIVE
Last Recognized: May 2021 – May 2022
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