Summit Academic Journal (SAj)

The Summit Academic Journal (SAj) is a peer-reviewed arts academic journal run by the SAjc (Summit Academic Journal Committee) dedicated to the publication of undergraduate arts papers from current or former (up to five years after graduation) University of Manitoba students.
The SAj is dedicated to promoting student work, and exposing students to the academic publication process.
Papers submitted to the Summit Academic Journal will undergo the double blind peer-review process before publication, meaning any submission will be reviewed and edited by peer-editors and the author before publication.
Paper submissions may include papers from faculties other than the Faculty of Arts if they fall within the category of Humanities or Social Sciences (for example Art History or Architectural History).
The Summit accepts submissions of one paper per term per individual student through the SAjc’s official email.
Membership to become a general peer-editor or executive officer is open to any student in the University of Manitoba student body and is governed by UMSU and the SAjc’s Constitution.

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