The Black Student Empowerment Society (BSES) is a student association founded by Black Students in support of the Black Student Collective, based on campus at the University of Manitoba. The creation of BSES aims to empower the Black student body through helping create and develop connections that empower and propel black students in their educational and occupational paths. Very often in being Immigrants and First-Generation Immigrants in Canada, the Black Student collective finds itself with a lack of generational ties rooted to Canadian based communities that are meant to educationally propel its youth.

With the development of our student group The Black Student Empowerment Society we plan to allocate a space in which Black Students at the University of Manitoba can easily access information to propel them in their educational journey, develop a safe environment to advocate for the improvement of Black mental health, the upliftment of local black businesses and black talent, and directly empower the Black Student Collective on campus.

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Last Recognized: May 2021- May 2022
Club Category: To Be Announced