University of Manitoba Car Club (UMCC)

The Purpose of UMCC is to bring like minded students together who have an interest in cars and give these students opportunities to interact and connect with each other.

UMCC holds events such as car meets, student nights with local supporters and companies, and participates in campus pride events. UMCC, holds car meets throughout the summer, these meets are typically located in u-lot on campus. With an average attendance of around 100+ cars our club has received a lot of positive feedback from members and supporters. Our objectives include connecting like minded people with and interest in cars, promoting student social activities, promoting campus spirit, friendship, courtesy on the road, and with the Winnipeg police department. As a club, we want to provide car meets on campus throughout the summer, and subsidized student nights, meet and greets, attend UMSU pride events, and support UMSU business’. We are only one year into our operations and already we have grown to nearly 300 members and accomplished all of these objectives. We hope to continue with this positive energy, who knows what the future holds in store for us.

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Club Information:
Last Recognized: May 2020 – May 2021
Club Category: To Be Announced

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