University of Manitoba Students for a Culture of Life (UMSCL)

UMSCL exists to educate university students about prenatal development, abortion and what abortion does to preborn children, and other human rights issues, such as euthanasia. We advocate for those at risk of human rights violations. We also provide resources for women in crisis pregnancies and their children. Some events include Tree of Life, where we gather money and items such as formula and diapers in order to donate them to the Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Winnipeg, who provides them to women, men, and children at no cost. We are proud to announce that we were able to start a Bursary program for single parents on campus! We also do multiple Pro-Life 101 and 201 training sessions and participate in activism events where we go out to show the public and university students what abortion looks like and engage in respectful dialogue with them about human rights violations here in Canada.


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