Undergraduate Microbiology Student’s Club (MiSC)

Since enrollment in the following undergraduate degrees (Microbiology; Genetics; Biochemistry; Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology; and Biotechnology) is robust and includes students with diverse general and professional interests, we believe it is necessary to provide these student groups with a sense of community both on campus and in related fields. We aim to enrich the undergraduate students’ experience both academically and socially to promote further interests in life sciences.

Contact Email uofm.microclub@umanitoba.ca
Website MiSC Website
Instagram @Misc.UofM
Twitter @UofmMicroclub
Facebook @MiSC.uofm
Constitution MiSC Constitution

Club Information:
Status: ACTIVE
Last Recognized: May 2021 – May 2022
Club Category: To Be Announced

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