Concrete is our passion, and making concrete float is our problem. Since 1996 the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition has attracted bright and ambitious engineering students from across Canada. This competition will host over 300 students from 15+ post-secondary schools, but it also takes place at the same time and location as the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition. The purpose of this competition is to construct a fully functional canoe made out of concrete. Not only does the canoe need to be able to float by itself, but it also needs to support the weight of the team’s four paddlers. Other aspects of designing the canoe include developing the shape of our canoe hull, constructing the canoe’s mold, as well as creating the theme, name, and aesthetics features of the canoe. As members of this team, students are given the opportunity to apply the different concepts they have learned throughout their degree to an applicable engineering problem. Additionally, this project involves gaining hands-on experience that students don’t always have the chance to attain throughout their degree. Other areas that students can get involved in include coordinating sponsorship, running our social media platforms, or planning fundraisers.

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Last Recognized: Fall 2022
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